a spiritual definition of loneliness

A Spiritual Definition of Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives, and sometimes our only escape from the pain of it is to turn inwards. In this article I will show you a spiritual definition of loneliness that is a call from the universe to remember your purpose in being alive, and bring you back to reality.
As we have all heard a million times, all things in the world are temporary, and the person who attaches themselves too much to anything in the world is like a person who builds their house on the edge of a cliff: eventually it will call come tumbling down. We can become accustomed to living in this way, building our attachments on shaky foundations, and when we lose one of those things we feel sadness and loneliness.
This is where a spiritual definition of loneliness will help you. Time invested in yourself, either just experiencing your spiritual self in silence, or learning about yourself, is the best investment you can make. When everything else turns to dust, you will still have your Self. When your spiritual eye opens and you see reality you will see that the things that made you lonely in their absence had no real meaning compared to the unending reality of your inner self that you now experience.
Reality is what we make of it, so if you are thinking that you are in loss and you should be lonely, just as easily your reality can be that your inner self has arranged things to you come back to it. Maybe you have drifted from your true purpose, which was to achieve ultimate happiness and freedom from suffering, a state that will never leave you or make you lonely.
Tips to Implement a Spiritual Definition of Loneliness
So what do we do when we find ourselves in the grip of loneliness? Here are a few tips.

  1. Breathe. This will center you and bring you back home, back inside.
  2. Seek within yourself for the antidote to your suffering, don’t look for an external companion, this is your opportunity to take an inner journey.
  3. Feel gratitude for this time to spend on yourself. Gratitude will carry you past the suffering and let you focus on the precious time you have to expand your consciousness.
  4. Meditate. Turn off thought, feel your life force just existing without need of anything else, totally complete in itself and unending.

A spiritual definition of loneliness can get you through times in your life that would not make sense any other way. If you are in this emotion now, try these steps; if not, save them for a rainy day.
Remember this is not the universe abandoning you, but bringing you close because it wants you.

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